Are you looking for a simple way to add a touch of professionalism or creativity to your office? Do you want to make your office space more user-friendly, inspirational, and/or welcoming?  

Office signage is the right answer for you! This type of signage is generally a mix of individual yet complementary signage elements. To get the best results, your interior and exterior signs should reflect a cohesive branding solution to communicate the right message to customers. 

What are Office Signs? 

Office signs are visual elements and displays used within a workplace or office environment to convey various types of information, provide directions, enhance overall aesthetics, and facilitate communication among employees, clients, and visitors. These custom signs serve several essential functions within an office setting: 

  • Wayfinding and Navigation:

    Office wayfinding signs help people find their way around the office space. They include directional signs, room numbers, floor plans, and arrows that guide individuals to specific departments, meeting rooms, restrooms, and other important areas. 

  • Identification:

    Office signs often include nameplates or door signs that identify individual offices, cubicles, or workstations. These signs typically display the occupant’s name, job title, and contact information. 

  • Branding and Company Identity:

    Office signs can be used to reinforce a company’s branding and visual identity. This includes the use of logos, colours, and fonts consistent with the company’s overall branding strategy. 

  • Safety and Regulatory Compliance:

    Signs in the office may convey important safety information, such as fire evacuation routes, emergency exit signs, and warnings about potential hazards. They help ensure compliance with workplace safety regulations. 

  • Informational:

    Office signs provide information that helps employees and visitors understand office policies, rules, and guidelines. Examples include signs about no smoking areas, restroom etiquette, and security protocols. 

  • Decorative and Aesthetic:

    Some office signs are designed for decorative purposes, enhancing the visual appeal of the workspace. These signs may include artwork, motivational quotes, or decorative elements that contribute to the office’s ambiance. 

  •  Announcements and Notices:

    Office signs are used to communicate announcements, updates, and important messages to employees and visitors. Examples include bulletin boards, event notices, and employee recognition boards. 

  • Accessibility:

    Signs also play a critical role in making the office accessible to individuals with disabilities. This includes signage indicating accessible entrances, restrooms, and facilities in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines. 

  • Security:

    In secure office environments, signs may designate restricted areas, require identification badges for entry, and inform employees and visitors about security procedures. 


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    Office Signs for Every Business Needs 

    Santa Ana Sign Company offers a diverse range of custom office signs to accommodate the needs of various businesses and organizations. Browse a few of our most popular office signs below: 

    • Wayfinding Signs: These signs are designed to help employees, clients, and visitors navigate the office space efficiently, such as directional signs and directories. 
    • Branding and Logo Signs: Incorporate your branding elements, such as logos, colors, and fonts, to maintain a cohesive brand image. 
    •  Informational and Policy Signs: Communicate office policies, guidelines, and important information relevant to employees and visitors in an easily understood method. 
    •  Decorative and Aesthetic Signs: Enhance the overall ambiance of your office space by adding décor that embodies your desired environment. 
    • Announcement and Notice Boards: Displays that convey announcements, updates, and important messages to office occupants are essential for effective communication. 
    • Office Door Signs: Office door signs identify individual offices, meeting rooms, or workspaces within an office building. We offer customized door signs to feature the occupant’s name, job title, and other relevant information. 
    • Acrylic Office Signs: As a versatile material, custom acrylic signs are made from clear or colored acrylic. They are used for various purposes, including room identification, directional signage, and branding elements.

    Delivering Impactful Office Signage

    Getting the right signage begins with a consultation. Our onsite evaluations provide us a deeper insight into your business which helps us understand your objectives, brand guidelines, available space, current signage, and the overall personality of your brand. We also understand how customers use your facilities, navigate through your property, how your products and services are beneficial to them, and how additional custom business signage will add value to your existing business set-up.

    Whether you are opening up a new office or looking to renovate to your existing facility, the signage experts at Santa Ana Sign Company will work with you at every stage of sign-making to ensure you have the best solution for your Santa Ana business.


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    Your Custom Office Sign Company in Santa Ana, CA 

    Santa Ana Sign Company specializes in providing high-quality office signs to businesses in the Santa Ana, California area. We offer top-notch office signage solutions that are tailored to the needs of unique organizations.  

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