Technology has been a blessing to the sign industry. Over time, we have seen countless developments in printing processes and sign design, as well as sign substrates and installation processes. And what’s even better is that with each new iteration, businesses can look for more opportunities to improve their marketing.

One such great opportunity is how backdrops for various events, photo studios, and concerts don’t require hiring painters. All that a business needs to do is choose a trusted local sign company to create backdrops for them that are customized to their specifications.

Santa Ana Sign Company excels at creating bespoke printed backdrops with top-notch large format printers, high-quality fade-resistant and eco-solvent ink, and a whole lot of banner substrates. If you’re looking to commission a customized backdrop for your business, Santa Ana Sign Company is here to help.

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    A Flexible Printed Backdrops Solution

    The printed backdrops that we make here at Santa Ana Sign Company take up less time to produce than our traditional hand-painted backdrops, but we offer them both! With our backdrops, you call every shot when it comes to your marketing message, and customize it according to your requirements.

    We choose from a variety of substrates to create backdrops that look great and last long. For instance, if you need backdrops for an indoor event, choosing one with a fabric substrate is best. Thick ones such as heavy knit fabrics and cotton canvas are especially ideal for a backdrop that is designed to be lit from the front. For backlighting, translucent and medium-weight substrates are the way to go.

    However, if you’re marketing for an outdoor event, vinyl is recommended. Santa Ana Sign Company offers vinyl mesh that works best with regular matte vinyl products, and outdoors! Combined with premium eco-solvent ink that resists fade, we are sure that your outdoor backdrops will be a thing of lasting beauty.


    Long-Lasting Printed Backdrops

    Our printed backdrops – particularly our vinyl types – are designed for the outdoors, so they can withstand a host of unfriendly external elements, come with easy maintenance, and built to last for a long, long time. They also feature premium nylon along the hems and grommets for extra strength and durability.

    We specialize in making backdrop banners that look professional and serve your message well. Custom printed backdrops by Santa Ana Sign Company are ideal for any type of event – from concerts to trade shows – at any location, with any kind of weather!


    Alluring Wall Murals for Business in Santa Ana, CA

    Lightweight and Flexible Printed Backdrops

    Technology has not only changed the way we work, but it has also changed the ease and speed of the way we work! This holds the same for backdrops. Painted backdrops are typically heavy and require stringent maintenance, and they are not at all easily portable. Today, with large format printing and PVC banner substrates, that is no longer a problem.

    Custom printed backdrops by Santa Ana Sign Company are not as heavy as their painted counterparts, making them easier to handle. If you do need to transport them, all you need to do is roll, ship, and unroll them – you don’t have to steam or iron them before setup. Installation is simple enough that you can do it yourself!

    Your Trusted Printed Backdrops Sign Company

    Santa Ana Sign Company is a reliable local signage provider, and we pride ourselves on successfully delivering printed backdrop projects for countless clients. We walk you through the complete sign-making process, and we take care of every step for you.

    We know that it’s not easy to handle projects. Our project managers are skilled at easing it all for you – with constant guidance and support. We help you draft the design that best suits your brand. If you need a printed backdrop or any other type of sign, Santa Ana Sign Company is your go-to company, from day one to completion.

    Free Printed Backdrops Consultation

    Printed backdrops take more than just printing. They come in very large sizes, so your target audience has every opportunity to scrutinize them closely. As such, you need the best kind of help from reliable sign companies that make quality banners replete with great design, high-resolution prints, and top-notch customer support.

    Santa Ana Sign Company is that company.

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