Get your brand message heard loud and clear with stunning, strategic promotional signs. Promotional signs are a time-tested form of marketing and have remained a wildly popular advertising tool for most, if not all, businesses. The reason is simple- it’s because they just work!

Santa Ana Sign Company and its ample sign and graphics options empower you to choose the best promotional signage for your brand’s personality, audience, and budget. Our products do so much more than catch attention. Our promotional signs effectively help in converting passersby to paying customers, and making impressions that become income.

Santa Ana Sign Company, from years of industry experience, fully understands a quality promotional sign’s power to persuade and bring in profit. Our team plans out, designs, prints, manufactures, and installs premium promotional signage that creates impactful interaction with your customers.

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    Business Signs for Your Brand

    Santa Ana Sign Company understands the importance of a cohesive brand experience for your customers. A tried-and-tested signage provider, Santa Ana Sign Company creates great signs, we also assist with other critical promotional factors that you might not think to address like project management, design, placement, and installation.

    Santa Ana Sign Company is proud to do its best to give you the exact sign that your business needs to succeed.

    We make:

    We want the best for our clients. This means that we won’t settle with making just any sign. Santa Ana Sign Company provides you with the promotional signage that is right for your, its needs, your market, and your budget.

    Expand Your Market with Portable Signs

    Get your business noticed. Get Santa Ana Sign Company’s lightweight, easy to transport promotional signs. Whether you need them for anything from trade shows to concerts, Santa Ana Sign Company has powerful advertising signs and banners that convey what your brand needs to say.

    Santa Ana Sign Company delivers impressive, durable promotional signs that have an impact wherever you place them. You can choose from:

    Your signage needs to look stunning and stay that way for a long time. Santa Ana Sign Company products are made from the finest materials and are digitally printed with high-quality UV ink to make sure that they stand against any wear and tear they might come up against. 


    24/7 Promotion with Electronic Signs

    Digital signage represents a revolutionary shift in the world of advertising. Electronic signs give businesses like yours an undeniable edge when competing for customers’ time and interest.

    Customizable, affordable, attractive electronic signage allows for real-time updates to promotional content. In minutes, you can showcase your logo, special offers, and your business information on one screen. Plus, you can make them stay there 24/7.

    Santa Ana Sign Company offers a wide selection of the latest electronic signs. You can choose from:

    • LED Neon signs
    • High-intensity displays (HID)
    • Fluorescent signs
    • LED signs
    • Incandescent signs
    • and many more!

    Contact us to see which one best suits your business needs. 


    Large Vinyl Printing for Business by Santa Ana Sign Company

    Full-Service Sign Company

    When we say “full service,” we mean it. Santa Ana Sign Company has the knowledge, staff, and connections with suppliers needed to give you what you need. Our team of local signage experts will assist you in making strategic decisions in design, sign type, material selection, layout, installation, and regular, preventative maintenance.

    Our expert sign designers, fabricators, and installers will be with you every step of the sign journey. We ensure you’ll get the perfect signs for your business.

    Free Promotional Signs Consultation

    With our experience, marketing prowess, and technical knowledge, we are your best choice for promotional signs. We’re excited to work with you and share our signage knowledge. We love answering any questions that you might have about boosting your profit through signs and forming a meaningful partnership.

    Call Santa Ana Sign Company today at 714-881-1332  for your Free Consultation with a Promotional Signs Expert!