Retail signs can help or hurt your business. It all depends on if you work with a reliable sign partner. Ketchum Global Research’s 2012 survey shows signs are a major factor in driving purchases and influencing consumer decisions.

76% of consumers say they chose to step inside a store based purely on its sign. 68% also say they made purchases after a sign caught their interest. An everyday item like retail signage wields amazing power to drive your business.

It’s important to keep in mind that while high-quality signage boosts sales, poorly crafted signage does the opposite, driving potential customers away. The trick is to ensure your retail signs are attractive, strategic, and professionally fabricated. Santa Ana Sign Company can do exactly that.

Santa Ana Sign Company is a trusted signs provider specializing in the design, production, installation, and maintenance of all signs, especially retail signs. With our wide array of signs, material, and design options, your business can select the exact sign type that best suits your brand personality, business needs, and budget.

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    Get Your Brand Noticed

    Catch the attention of potential customers from far away with stunning outdoor retail signage by Santa Ana Sign Company. Whether you need large banners, pylon signs, outdoor LED signs, teardrop banners, monument signs, or feather signs, we’re sure to have the sign that can advertise your brand to drivers, onlookers, and pedestrians.

    Our expertise in the field of retail signage makes it easier for your potential customers to notice your brand as wells as know how to get to your establishment. Santa Ana Sign Company also has a strong team of graphic artists who can help provide aesthetic and strategic sign design and layout, drawing in more customers and also advertising your brand 24/7.



    Outdoor Signs that Speak Your Message

    Santa Ana Sign Company’s outdoor retail signs can help tell potential customers that they’re at the right place and that you have what they’re looking for. With options such as illuminated building signs, blade signs, awnings, dimensional letters, window decals, A-frames, and many more, we can help give your business an impressive introduction to potential customers.

    Professionally designed and custom-crafted by no less than the most reliable local sign experts, your signs are sure to not only bring in more footfall for your store, but also help convert curious passersby into paying customers.

    Santa Ana Sign Company has been successfully providing personalized, made-to-order projects to our clients, and we take pride in the fact that our workmanship has helped businesses grow and flourish. We can’t wait to deliver the same quality for you!



    Retail Signage for Grocery Store in Santa Ana, CA

    Indoor Signage for Impact and Influence

    So your outdoor retail signs have done their jobs and have brought potential customers in through your doors… now what? Your next challenge is to convince your guests to buy what you’re selling. Well, Santa Ana Sign Company has got you covered with our marketing know-how and high-quality indoor signs.

    Indoor signs have the power to increase profit as you increase footfall. They can influence people into making quick and confident purchasing decisions as they spend their time inside your establishment.

    By partnering with Santa Ana Sign Company, you’re sure to have signs that not only look good, but also tastefully and effectively do in-store advertising. Our signs can introduce products, announce promotions, give information, and offer subtle reminders…all these drawing attention to the need and benefits of purchasing your products or services.



    Full-Service Sign Company

    Santa Ana Sign Company has been in the sign-making industry for many years, so we know how critical a single retail sign is for your business. This is exactly why we strongly encourage you to get them done by a reliable signs provider that knows the hows and whys of retail signage. Santa Ana Sign Company is exactly that.

    We’re not just a team of sign-makers, Santa Ana Sign Company is composed of graphic artists, project managers, engineers, materials specialists, sign technicians, and marketing experts. We don’t just give you generic, mass-produced signage…Santa Ana Sign Company is committed to giving you the retail signs that are a perfect match to your brand identity, your target audience, and your business goals.



    Free Retail Signs Consultation

    Are you looking for retail signs that perfectly sums up what your business is all about? Santa Ana Sign Company can offer you signs that can help give your brand a cohesive marketing message, and eventually bring about remarkable customer experience.

    Call Santa Ana Sign Company today at 714-881-1332 for your Free Consultation with a Retail Signs Expert!